HP 7410 All-In-One Printer

Changing to Windows 7 64-bit from XP has presented many challenges. Among them, my trusty ole’ HP 7410 now seems incapable of faxing legibly from the PC. The Fax Driver just isn’t working. I am replacing with another HP.

‘Beyond, There Be Dragons’

That is what somebody told me nautical charts had on them at the edge of the known world hundreds of years ago. Back when the world was thought to be flat the consensus was, you could sail over the edge. Windows XP support has ended and now those who continue to use it do so at there peril. Ready, set. go!

T Minus 23 And Counting

XP Users are you ready? The deadline looms. There are plenty of nasty ways your machine can catch cooties. My guess is, there are lots of bad guys waiting for the upgraders who will be a ‘day late and a dollar short’. Don’t get caught. Good luck out there!

Support Ends For Windows XP

Like a long running smash hit Broadway play, Microsoft support for Windows XP is ending soon. I am building a new machine but seeing Windows 8 put me off. This new desktop will be one generation back. I bought a full version of 64-bit Windows 7. What are you XP Users going to do? Is the April end of support motivating a change?